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    Ho Ho Ho!

    12 November

    Join us for a jolly festive season at Vicar Lane


    It wouldn’t be Christmas for the little ones without a visit to the big man in red, so you’ll be pleased to know that Santa will be here in his grotto and welcoming little guests throughout this festive season.
    Tickets are just £6.50 per child and photos are available for £2 each. Card payments are available.
    Santa will be at Vicar Lane on the following dates and times:

    • 10am – 5pm       Saturday 30th November
    • 11am – 4pm       Sunday 1st December
    • 11am – 5pm       Monday 2nd December
    • 11am – 5pm       Tuesday 3rd December
    • 11am – 5pm       Wednesday 4th December
    • 11am – 5pm       Thursday 5th December
    • 11am – 5pm       Friday 6th December
    • 10am – 5pm       Saturday 7th December
    • 11am – 4pm       Sunday 8th December
    • 11am – 5pm       Monday 9th December
    • 11am – 5pm       Tuesday 10th December
    • 11am – 5pm       Wednesday 11th December
    • 11am – 5pm       Thursday 12th December
    • 11am – 5pm       Friday 13th December
    • 10am – 5pm       Saturday 14th December
    • 11am – 4pm       Sunday 15th December
    • 11am – 5pm       Monday 16th December
    • 11am – 5pm       Tuesday 17th December
    • 11am – 5pm       Wednesday 18th December
    • 11am – 5pm       Thursday 19th December
    • 11am – 5pm       Friday 20th December
    • 10am – 5pm       Saturday 21st December
    • 11am – 4pm       Sunday 22nd December
    • 11am – 5pm       Monday 23rd December
    • 11am – 2.30pm  Tuesday 24th December

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