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    Congratulations to Vicar Lane!

    27 November

    We have been awarded highly commended for Mall Technology Innovation of the Year at this year’s SCEPTRE Awards.

    On the 6th December 2019, we launched the “Big Screen” above Saint James Square the only permanent outdoor screen in Chesterfield and major cities in the UK. The objective was to bring Chesterfield into the digital social media world. The screen has been successful not only to Vicar Lane Shopping Centre but also the local areas in and around Chesterfield. Content varied over the forthcoming months with information on Chesterfield Collage, Go Peak and our retailers.

    The screen has come into its own during the current crisis and we have utilised this to inform our patrons of the government guidelines, our procedures and advertised the independent retailers in a 4th July Independence campaign which has help re-establish not only the indies but our high street brands and the local authorities.

    Looking ahead we will be reinstating a programmed schedule of news updates, day time TV, travel information and once allowed we are looking to have movie nights and gaming platform events at set times encouraging people to visit Chesterfield and increase the dwell times.

    The screen can also be used as a visual and audible public address system. We are looking into having emergency announcements programmed into the hard drive to enable the centre to communicate with our patrons more effectually, especially people with imperilled hearing and language barriers.

    We are looking to push the use of the screen out to other parties that will generate an income by advertisements that do not conflict with our existing tenants. This will help reduce the commercialisation floor space we have and have more varied content. A brochure will be drawn up with the specifications of what the content would need to be and a competitive pricing guide.