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    What are the centre’s current opening hours?

    We are open to the public at the following times:

    Monday – Saturday: 9am – 5:30pm

    Sunday: 10:00am – 4:00pm

    Store trading hours may have changed and we recommend checking with the individual store before departing.

    Which stores are open?

    A full list of our stores reopening will be communicated on our website and social media channels.

    Will you provide clear guidance on social distancing and hygiene to people on arrival?

    As part of our safe working and operating strategy, we have introduced multiple communications across Vicar Lane, and our onsite team have undergone significant briefings for new procedures in minimising the transmission of COVID-19.

    In addition, all stores are required to be compliant with the latest government guidance for safe working during COVID-19 in order to remain open.

    Have you got extra cleaning practices in place?

    We have enhanced cleaning routines in place. Stores are also enhancing their own cleaning routines, following government guidelines.

    Will you have a one-way flow of traffic?

    Currently we do not have a one-way flow of traffic in Vicar Lane, however this is under constant review with visitor numbers.

    Will you provide signage to remind customers to follow social distancing wherever possible?

    Yes. There will be graphics with guidance for shopping safely while at Vicar Lane. We will also have recorded messages play on the centre’s screen reminding visitors of safe shopping guidance.

    Will you have social distancing champions to demonstrate social distancing guidelines to customers?

    As always, our onsite team will be on hand to assist with any queries that visitors may have, this includes social distancing guidance.

    Do you recommend visitors wear gloves / wear face coverings?

    We kindly ask that all visitors do their part and follow the latest government guidance for keeping safe and well from Coronavirus.

    Will the toilets be open? Have the numbers of toilets available been reduced?

    Yes, our toilets will be open and will be sanitised and cleaned continuously. Alternate urinals, cubicles and wash basins will be out of use to ensure safe distancing is in place.

    Will the baby changing facilities be open?

    Yes, our baby changing facilities will be open and will be sanitised and cleaned continuously.

    What is maximum occupancy for lifts?

    The public lifts operating in Vicar Lane unfortunately do not allow space for safe distancing. Our guidance for using lifts is to only enter with members from your household, once the lift has become vacant from other users. We ask members of the public to be considerate when using the lifts.

    Will you be encouraging the use of stairs wherever possible – making sure that people with disabilities are able to access lifts?

    We encourage all who are able to use the stairs instead of the lifts.

    Will changing facilities still be available in individual stores?

    Please see individual stores and their store websites for more information on this.

    Will cash payments still be made in stores?

    It is recommended that customers pay by contactless methods where ever possible, as much as possible. Cash will be accepted at the discretion of each individual store.

    Is the car park still operating?

    Yes, the car park is still operating. Please remember to socially distance while inside the car park.

    What Click and Collect services do you operate?

    A number of our stores offer Click and Collect services. Please visit their store websites for more information on this.

    Will you be temperature checking shoppers and staff?

    We are following government guidelines which means we won’t be carrying out temperature checks on entry.

    Will there be a limit to how long I can spend in the centre?

    No limits will be applied to the amount of time you are able to spend in the centre.

    Do I have to queue for each store?

    Due to restrictions in capacity within the stores, queueing to enter a number of stores is possible.

    Is Centre Management open?

    Yes, Centre Management will still be open, but will be running with limited staff to ensure social distancing can be maintained. Please do not hesitate to ask a member of security team / cleaning staff if you need assistance.

    I am in a vulnerable / at risk group – do I get priority access?

    We will be able to assist members of the public who identify themselves or notify us in advance.

    I can’t stand for long periods of time; what support is available to me?

    Selective seating will be available throughout the centre, all seating will be subject to social distancing guidelines.

    I want to shop off-peak. When is the best time for me to visit?

    Vicar Lane is usually quietest Mondays to Fridays between 9am – 12pm and 2pm – 3pm.