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    Quoits Rules

    Game Intro / Rules

    Likely one of the oldest known games still around, Quoits is a game the vast majority of people have played at least once before. However, many people likely don’t know this game by its actual name. A Quoits game can be known by many names today including ring toss or even horseshoes.

    Typically, a game for 2-4 players it can also be team based. 

    Once the board/ base is set up you’ll need to decide upon a few rules. The first being how much distance each player should take before throwing a ring. In traditional games players usually have to be at least 11 feet away from the board before throwing. Generally, each player is given 3 rings and will only score a point if they hit the spike


    You have to throw your rings around the spike or spikes on the board to score. The objective is to score the most points.


    In some variations of Quoits the player who gets nearest to the spike will score a point. So, it isn’t just a matter of hitting the spike to score. Generally, the game is round-based with each player throwing one ring per round.

    However, in some versions of the game players will throw all their rings, before the second player does the same, this is repeated till all players have thrown. The player with the lowest score is then eliminated and the game continues following the same pattern till there is a winner.