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    Happy Birthday Harry!

    9 December

    We wanted to share this amazing story with you…

    After reading about Harry in The Derbyshire Times, and how he was told by classmates that their parents would not let them attend his birthday party due to him being autistic, Dalton (owner of Gorilla Garms at Vicar Lane), and his friend Alec, decided to make Harry’s 11th Birthday a day to remember.

    Dalton and Alec put out a call on social media, asking people to send birthday cards for Harry to Gorilla Garms (Dalton’s shop) and requested that the card be addressed to ‘Master Harry Brinkworth’.

    The response was amazing. Cards and presents came from all over the UK, and even as far as Dubai.

    Harry was then invited by Dalton and Alec to come to Gorilla Garms on Harry’s birthday (7th Dec) with his parents and brother.

    Harry arrived at 8am and was immediately overwhelmed by the number of envelopes and packages that had been posted.

    Dalton and Alec said, “This is something that touched our hearts when we read about his story, we wanted to show Harry that people do care about him and to raise the awareness of autism and how it affects not only the person, but the families of the children.”

    Happy Birthday Harry!