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    Community Hero

    7 November

    We’re proud to reveal the identity of an as yet, unsung hero who has been working under the cover of darkness to help local charities over the last 18 years.

    Ken Harper is our Night Security Officer and, while undertaking his duties and nightly patrols of the centre, he collects the small denominations of change discarded by shoppers throughout the day – collecting them up to make a monthly donation to charity. Over the past 18 years Ken has donated this ‘loose change’ to charities including Hospices and St. John Ambulance and, most recently to Cancer Research and McMillan Cancer Support

    Each year, for the least 18 years, Ken has collected between £150-£190, donating over £1000 to a variety of local charities, proudly pinning the monthly paying-in slip on the team notice board for all to see.

    To explain, Ken says, “I thought this was a good way of helping these charities out. Not only do I collect the coins that have been discarded, but I also receive change that has been saved by the on-site cleaning, security and management teams, who bring it in and add it to the pot – it’s a real team effort. The charities I donate to are worthy causes that are dear to my heart.”

    We’re proud to have such a kind hearted individual as a key member of our team. Keep up the good work Ken!